About Me

I am a young, creative freelance writer who is passionate about tabletop roleplaying games. I’ve been fascinated by the hobby since I was a small child. Several years ago I had my first opportunity to run a game, with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Ever since, my days have been filled with the study of this pastime that we call roleplaying. I am constantly analyzing not only how I might tell a better story, but also how to judiciously use elegant mechanics to create an enjoyable experience at the table.

I started this blog to help me organize my thoughts, to document my conclusions, and to share all that I love about roleplaying with those kind enough to read these pages. I hope that you will learn something in your time spent here, and I hope you can teach me something in return. I hope that, by seeing me work through a problem, you find yourself better able to handle similar problems in the future; and I hope that you can show me a problem-solving angle I had not considered before.

My goal is to build a better GM lunchbox, and my dream is to share that lunchbox with others. So, let’s get to work!